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sweet testimonials about me and my work

  • Jeremiah Smith (Owner and CEO of JCSmithConsulting) ”I’ve worked with Sean in SEO for over a year. His attention to detail, understanding of the industry and strategic capacity in search and implementation is unparalleled. He’s very comprehensive and effective at keyword research, technical optimization and link development. I would gladly recommend him for an SEO Consultant position. I would love to do work with him again and I plan on it.”
  • John Barron (Internet Marketing Director, GravityFree) ”Sean’s knowledge of technical SEO is extremely impressive. He has taken on numerous projects with enthusiasm and accomplished significant gains in search results. He approaches projects as an independent thinker, but never loses sight of the overall marketing objectives. He is constantly recommending solutions and he follows through with his commitments. It has been a great pleasure working with him and watching him succeed.”
  • Scott Heaps (President, GravityFree) ”Sean is incredibly organized and driven for a young man and with his creative approach to marketing he actually deliver results. His passion for search marketing is incredible and watching him absorb information is inspiring. What really rounds out his skills is his ability to communicate his message to clients, whether it be digital or in-person.I really can’t say enough about what a great job Sean has done for GravityFree and how fortunate we are to work with him.”