Conversion Rate Optimization

March 26, 2013

How Apple could boost iTunes Store sales using Social Proof

Apple has the most dominant music player in the world, yet I believe they are not taking full advantage of it. The facet Apple has not incorporated into their well-oiled music ecosystem is social proof. That’s right, simple sharing to Facebook and Twitter, I believe would boost sales dramatically for the iTunes Store.

Manuel's Beach
March 24, 2013

17 Lessons Learned in Costa Rica

Business, Marketing, Philosophical, and Life lessons I learned in my first trip to Costa Rica This post has been a long time coming, and honestly I put it off for far too long. I went to Costa Rica with my brother Jeremiah in August of 2012 and learned many subliminal lessons in the process. Lessons pertaining - Read More -

January 16, 2013

35 SEO Apps and Tools; Bookmark Cleanout: Version I

This is Version: I of my “Bookmark Cleanout” series where I go through my bookmarks and saved content to shed light on my favorite apps, tools and resources. While thinking of what kind of “list” content I could post I immediately thought of my giant bookmark library! I have catalogued a ton of apps, resources - Read More -